Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Feel the Difference 8mm Can Make

^^No, that's not a clever line for a first date.  (Video Here, and pasted below) Saucony is fiiiinnally admitting their shoes structure is flawed by reducing their heel raise.  People that rely on their shoe mechanics will be slowly transformed into running better... maybe!

My first attempt at having a better footstrike was by buying Newton running shoes, oping their forefoot lugs would just make me land mo' properly.  That was a bad idea.  Increasing cadence, landing in a more bent-knee stance, lifting and NOT pushing out behind you can only be learned through the natural proprioceptive feedback mechanisms that are already installed in your feet.   Listen to your feets!  And re-learn how to run through technique, not equipment.

(geometry of a heel striker - not good form, not a good way to learn good form)

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