Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Peroneus Longus and Brevis

Two tendons in the ankle/foot that seem to plague runners with soreness or limited mobility.  Due to poor circulation, tendons take a long time to heal.  But frequently loosening up the associated attached muscles is all the relief you need.  Loosen these puppies up early and often.

When laying on your side like you're using a foam roller, put 'peanut' centered along the fibula and rol these puppies out. 

Do this by laying on your side, the way you'd use a foam roller. I'm showing where the pressure should be applied in this video. I taped two LaCrosse balls together using cheap athletic tape. (more elastic tape would work a little better). I call this 'the peanut'. the middle of the peanut makes a nice gap so you're not pushing on the fibia. this should be done laying on your side rolling down the peroneal muslces- loosening them up will release tightness on the tendons below - even into the fascia of the foot. Seems FAR removed, but this is relieving my PF and chronic anterior soreness.

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