How Do I Get Started?

Natural Running is as the name sliiiightly suggests - natural.  Why then would I need a coach or tutorial??  You shouldn't - and therein lies the sadness.  We've lost mechanics by wearing motion control shoes and have been disconnected from nature in too many ways.  We cannot relearn what comes naturally overnight. Browse the links and tips below.  They are always changing as we get more questions from those brave and smart enough to make the change to a more natural way of running.

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Even if you're not ready to make the switch, for example, it is race season.  At least start foot strenghtening exercises and mobility work.  

A. Foot strength

1. The beginning: Balance on one foot.  Advanced, balance on one FOREfoot.  Set a timer and while standing at your desk, bus stop, grocery store line, etc just pick up one leg.  If balance is initially hard for you, try holding on to your desk, then reduce by holding on with one finger.  Rise up on to your forefoot and work up to where you can balance for 60-90seconds.  

2. Arch strength, my fave, 'toe walking'.  Work up to this: Begin it by shifting your weight to one foot and curl those toes until that foot moves fwd, then shift to the other foot and repeat.  The amount of weight you can load on to that legs and still move fwd the stronger you're getting!  Again, easy to do at work.

4. more to come....

B. Technique

C. Full Body

We are all looking for a balance of Fitness, TechniqueNutrition, Equipment

As we train, run, have fun we need to recover, identify and treat injuries.