Monday, August 29, 2011

( the opposite of what the Navy determined) ‘Toe shoes’ get the boot, Army-wide

The US Army, obviously a slave to conservative fashion: “The decision was based on the lack of conformity with the Army’s conservative professional appearance,” said Hank Minitrez, a spokesman for Army G-1.

By Lance M. Bacon - Staff writer
Posted : Monday Aug 29, 2011 7:33:02 EDT

An Army message about footwear certainly stepped on some toes.
The wear of shoes that feature “five separate, individual compartments for the toes” is prohibited in All Army Activities message 239/2011. Such shoes “detract from a professional military image,” the message said.
Soldiers are not allowed to wear them with the individual physical fitness uniform or when conducting physical training in military formation.
When Army Times first reported the rule, it drew an immediate response from runners. Many said the Army was forfeiting safety and performance for aesthetics.
The decision was made by Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler and his board of directors, which is composed of key command sergeants major.

Runners Ditch Shoes for Race at Riverside Park (Grand Rapids, MI)

Hundreds of runners from across the country headed to Riverside Park in Grand Rapids for a 5K race and fundraiser.
Many ran without their shoes.
"Wear shoes, run bare, just get out there," said Rob Sanchez, a runner who started going barefoot several years ago.
"I was always injured one way or another, so since I've lost the shoes about two and half years ago, I've been running pain free and injury free," he said. 
Sanchez participated in the Merrell Naked Foot 5K, the first ever national barefoot race series in the country.
Grand Rapids is one of seven stops in the U.S.
"I think the whole barefoot movement is something that has sparked interest," said Race Director Kerri Delacher.
"It's not just about the barefoot movement, it is about the movement. Our main goal is to get people excited and get people outside moving around."
The race also included a shoe drive. Organizers collected hundreds of shoes that will be donated to needy families in Japan.

Recent Luna Huarache Update

I have a pair of 8mm Leadville pacers from LunaSandals.  I feel they are too thick for most running, my new advice for sandal running is "Start Thin"!  In taking my own advice, the original Lunas are 6mm and offer much more ground feel.  I took these on a very challenging trail run this weekend (through hurricane Irene damaged trails).  Sadly Leather separating from the Luna's foot bed. Went through many puddles and mud on a long trail run. Seems the leather changing shape over powered the glue that was holding it.  I will smear either bathroom caulk or gorilla glue to re-adhere the leather down to the rubber.   When these layers are separated the gap will hold mud and debris.  They are now classified as "in need of repair".  The original Luna is available here.

We Need More Clinics Like This Around

The Hadley Clinic was recently featured on the front page of the Grand Rapids Press.  The article focussed on the benefits of barefoot running and featured Scott Hadley along with a few other local barefoot runners.  You can read the whole article here.

<<Barefoot running has been shown to be much gentler on the body than other forms of running.  A different landing technique, a different posture, and shorter steps allow the body to absorb shock more efficiently and with much less strain on joints and muscles.
Many runners have tried barefoot running with improper form and have gotten injured.  So if you are interested in the benefits of barefoot running, you MUST learn proper form.
Contact the Hadley Clinic if you want to learn how to run barefoot.  Private and group lessons are available and reasonably priced.>>