Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh 'good', the sugar assoc has ruled on sugar

From this article (click here.)
WebMD asked the Sugar Association, an industry group, to review the recommendations.
Charles Baker, PhD, the association's chief scientific officer, responded by email. "When the full body of science is evaluated during a major review, experts continue to conclude that sugar intake is not a causative factor in any disease, including obesity," he says.
They're high of COURSE sugar is bad.  Time to regulate?  There's more foods than sugar that elevate blood sugar and cause insulin insensitivity.  What about fruit, and wheat?  Education and awareness /should/ do more than regulation.  Proven causality of tobacco and disease helped curb smoking and prolong people's life.  If the info is there some people will follow it and life longer, healthier lives.  The people that laugh in the face of good information... f*ck 'em.