Thursday, September 22, 2011

How Tim Noakes Wants You to Train

"Tim believes you should visualise your victory and train with it in mind."

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Professor Tim Noakes’ latest research findings are bound to cause a stir – they herald a new approach to exercise that could change the way champions train and even help people off the sports field. By MARI HUDSON for YOU Pulse magazine.

Fatigue doesn’t originate in a sportsman’s muscles, as scientists have believed for many years. It originates in their brain…
The latest research by world-renowned sports scientist Professor Tim Noakes shows the brain has far greater control over sports performance than sports scientists have ever realized. And you can condition your brain to achieve success.
Noakes, co-founder of the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (based in Newlands, Cape Town), is making his surprise findings known for the first time. At the same time he and his team have submitted their study to a top American medical journal for publication. His findings cut against the grain of existing scientific opinion – that an athlete’s muscles become tired because lactic acid accumulates during exertion.  Tim's 'lore' of living:
  1. Be honest with yourself at all times because you have to live with your conscience.
  2. Don’t do anything half-heartedly, whether in a relationship, in sport or in your job. Do everything you do to the best of your ability and not as if you’re going to pull out all the stops later – do everything as if there are no second chances.
  3. Spend your younger years thinking about where you want to be when you’re 50. Visualize it and then work out the steps you have to take to make your dream a reality. Then start working at it step by step.
  4. Learn to ask the right questions. That way you’ll find the right answers.
  5. Everyone needs a partner in life. When you find your soulmate make an effort with this special person.
  6. Have a goal in life that’s about something more than yourself – it’ll give your life meaning.