Friday, February 17, 2012

Gluten Free Processed Foods

Celiac's, and 100s of other issues in digestive tract were 100% cured by dietary changes (this includes treatments for autism, infertility, psychoses, depression, etc etc...). I said 'were'. Until JUST recently the 'fix' was to avoid certain foods, the wheat, flour, basically junk food. But that's all changed. 

Oh yeah, now you can still eat horrible foods while avoiding some bad ingredients. Gluten-free used to be based on avoidance, now it's based on substitution (I believe it was Bedknobs and Broomsticks that had substitutiary locomotion... need to check that).  

Example: Can't have gluten used to mean avoid pizza, now it means eat pizza with rice starch instead of wheat flour. Gluten has 10 things wrong with it, rice starch has 5 things wrong with it. I have now subb'ed the worst with the bad - aren't I clever?? Refined flours, regardless of wheat are just a way of putting your body through nutritional deficiencies. Eat what's essential and no more. Today's Diane Rehm show is a great series of interviews explaining differences of gluten intolerance, sensitivity and Celiac's disease. Just assume you have it whether you have symptoms or not. Link here: Diane Rehm Show