Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Science of Barefoot Running

This Report appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Athletic Association.  My hero DR Daniel Libermann, the 'barefoot DR' said “If you think barefoot running is a fad, then it’s a two-million-year-old fad.”According to Dr. Lieberman’s research, injury rates have not declined in 30 years even as major advances seem to have been made in running shoe technology over that time. Some 30 to 70 percent of habitually shod (shoe-wearing) runners are injured each year, he added. And with all the advances in motion-control running shoes, Dr. Lieberman stated, there is no evidence that they prevent injuries. 

“About 75 percent of runners today are predominantly heel strikers,” Dr. Lieberman said. “Heel strikers generate a collisional impact. Running shoes make it comfortable to heel strike.”  Rest of the story

How To Make Your Huaraches

I've seen a few how-to vids on this subject and I find this one to be pretty good. Notice min 2:10 on video 3. This is critical to make the string follow between the 1st/2nd metatarsal. Crossing the long 2nd metatarsal bone is where I experience chafing.

This guy was clever and converted some cheap flip-flops. (although the sole material is probaly overly cushioned, it's a thought: