Monday, June 17, 2013

What is your diet like?

More importantly, what do you eat eats?

I use this example all the time (taken from Daphne Miller's 'The Jungle Effect'),
The indigenous Icelandic diet has NO fruits and tiny bits of vegetables   They eat reindeer meat and and gray fish.  So how do they survive with NO vitamin C?  Turns out the reindeer eat the moss along the river beds, and their meat stores to Vit C for them.  any attempt to duplicate their diet must include that exact moss to be as successful.  Feeding those reindeer grains and corn would make their consumers die of scurvy.
That leads to out mantra: "You are what you eat eats" cutting corners with ingredients will hurt nutritional density or increase toxins.

Can you find plants that eat their intended soil nutrients?  Can you find meats that are fed their intended diets?

((note, there's two eggs for sale at my local grocery store a.) chickens fed a vegetarian diet contain 125mg of omega-3 fatty acids b.) chickens that eat everything contain 225mg of omega-3 fatty acids))