Monday, August 15, 2011

Ladies n' Gentlemen, a Nice Ultra Vid

Vibram’s first dedicated FiveFinger trail running shoe

Vibram Spiridon LSVibram SeeYaThe Vibram Spiridon LS, a 6.8 ounce (US men’s 9; 5.1 ounce US women’s 7) shoe has a 6 mm stack height throughout with a 3.5 mm outsole. There are more lugs than other Vibram running models and these lugs are both more textured and include more edging to improve bite into the ground. The Spiridon LS features a “3D Cocoon,” a very strong nylon textile that’s baked into the sole to disrupt impact. The 3D Cocoon runs the length of the shoe. The shoe includes a slightly beefier upper that includes significant toe bumpers.  Vibram will also be releasing the SeeYa, a 4.8 ounce “performance model” for dedicated minimalist runners. It’s got a significantly reduced upper as well as a Bikila informed outsole with the midfoot and some other portions cut away. Even the velcro straps have cutouts to reduce weight. I’ll assume that all those interested will have seen this model in the barefooting corners of the internet.

Foot, Lower Leg, Core and Plyo Exercises for Runners

Barefoot/Achilles/Plantar/Soleus Work

Natural Running Panel Discussion Parts1-8

Looks like this is how we'll spend our work day... watching this panel :).  First question to the panel was 'why do you run'?  Why do we?  Instinct?