Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good News, Today We Received the Barefoot Runners Society's Stomp of Approval

Stomp of Approvalhttp://barefootrunners.org/page/stomp-approval

Plantar Fasciitis, 3 'simple' steps for Prevention and Treatment

Step 1) Reduce Inflammation
-          Ice (Rolling a frozen Dixie cup works well)
-          Topical Anti-Inflammatory, preferably Myomed
-          Anti-Inflammatory
-          Soft Arch Supports (When not strengthening)
Step 2) Break Up Scar Tissue/Stretch
-          Deep tissue massage every 3rd day
-          Roll a Foot Rubz ball (preferable) or Golf/Tennis Ball regularly
-          Stretch Calves & Feet (Especially before getting out of bed-Lots of stretches on the internet)
Step 3) Strengthen (Most Important Part)
-          Start with 30 seconds of barefoot running/walking on soft/natural surfaces and add 30 seconds every day or 2 (Probably the single most effective way to eradicate PF; subtract this time from your regular workout, i.e. 30 Minute Regular Workout = 29 minutes in shoes, 1 minute barefoot)
-          Pull in a towel w/toes and repeat
-          Pick up marbles w/toes and spell alphabet
-          Stand on one foot (affected foot):  1) Waiting in line, standing at work, whenever, wherever   2) As an exercise: barefoot eyes closed on carpet

Link 1, Link 2 

Buy an Arch Exerciser, or for cheaper, do some Toe Walking: