Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Complaint From the Fashion Police (??)

This woman thinks how inappropriate it is to wear minimalist shoes because they look like you're wearing black dress socks. She also feels that such minimally shod people are smug about their choice in footwear. When I got my first pair of VFFs in summer '09 I enjoyed the attention everyone asking "what was I wearing??" I had my 17second speech about foot strength down :). She seems to feel it's a male thing to wear such footwear, we obviously are in different social circles.  Her article is HERE  - (what do you think?  kind of a cVnt?  or she has reason?)

Quoted from the article: <<Because that’s the final thing: I am probably over-analyizing, but the people who walk around in these shoes tend to give off of an air of secret-specialness. They don’t necessarily act like they’re thinking, “get a load of my rad sock-shoes,” but you can tell that there’s something slightly suspicious going in their mind. Something slightly evil made them decide to put on these weird foot-shoes instead of a more traditional shoe.

So just stop. Use your barefoot shoe for what they were made for: running. You wouldn’t like to see a businessman walking around town in a blazer and a speedo, nor would you feel right seeing your lady bus driver wearing nothing on top but a sports bra. Those shoes are made for running, not walking around, so get with the program and stop making us think about your feet.>>