Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hear me on PrimalRunGeek PodCast

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Primal Run Geek, Episode 3.0

Episode 3 and the first time, and likely not the last, that we’ve managed to surpass our self-imposed 1 hour time limit…but only by the tiniest of 5 minutes. Geoff and Bill talk about mental training, theSageBurner 25k and DirtFest among other things. We are then joined by Mark Lofquist, a primal recreational athlete from Boulder, CO who runs the Paleo Runners blog as well as moderates an active Barefoot and Minimalist Runners group on Facebook and a related Strava group. Mark is self taught in regards to his passion for primal living and is full of great information and is just an all around fun guy to chat with.
For those that aren’t already aware of the great DC Rainmaker site for endurance and fitness related gear reviews, definitely check it out.