Sunday, October 9, 2011

Running Form Analysis Part 1

I've been unlearning heel-striking for almost two-years now.  I'm finally down to zero-drop shoes!  I wish I'd done that from the beginning, transition shoes are not necessarily helpful -as I've had to relearn a few things repeatedly.

Anyway, this is me at marathon pace when I run to the left, and half marathon pace running to the right.  In the past year I have taken a minute off my mile time and ~7mins off Half marathon time, and 20mins off my marathon time.

Thanks to Crossfit, Crossfit Endurance, and my personal coach in 2010 was 'Running with Eric' (Orton).

Still have some work to do.  Things are coming together, just need to loosen up!

Update in 2013: That inward slant to my landing leg is considered a crossover gait.  I've worked to eliminate that component in my gait.  Now I no longer chafe in my inner thigh/groin area.  The crossover gait ends up loading joints in this way: