Thursday, December 24, 2015

Practice kindness

It's the holiday season, I'm not sure what motivated me to write this way off-topic post.   But... 

What's your first priority?

Over heard At a couple's counseling session:
Husband: ...and my wife just doesn't get it, she kept arguing even though I proved I was right!
Counselor: Yeah, sometimes we all forget what's most important.
Husband: To be right?!
Counselor:  No, to be kind.

It's so easy to make quick and mean judgements.  How many times in traffic do you scream 'goooo, fucker!'.  Or 'that bitch made me miss that light, I could kill her!'.

Argument with spouse or child, crazy self criticism -- it's all the same.  If you had one more wicket added between your senses and your reaction, make it the question: 'am I being kind?'

If kindness was everybody's first priority, life would be pretty sweet.

In your relationships:  They deserve kindness. You deserve kindness in return.  It's free.  It takes one small filter inserted into your brain.  Practice it!

The rub: how can I be kind when fuck-face over there isn't going to be!?
The hard answer: show fuck-face exemplary behavior.  It may be the hardest thing you can do.  But it's the right thing.