Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Phone ArmBand

Carrying my phone on a run is non-negotiatble with me.  I'm making calls on low HR runs, listening to audiobooks/podcasts.  I love being outside, but as a paleorunner in a modern age I have found I need constant information.  Always learning.

 I once bought a set of headphones that came with an armband for my phone.  I became a big fan of holding the phone up high on the arm.  Soon after I tore it trying to fit credit card, building id card, car key, etc etc in there.  the armband adjustment was just folding the material - pretty cheesey.
Then I bought a bigger phone and had to retire this thing.  I went to carrying phone in my hand!  Or using 'Ultra' style vest just to have my phone with me.  Carrying it in my hand cost me $hundreds in cracked screens.  You never think you're going to trip... until you do.  :(

This new mofo from ArmPocket has it all.  It's roomy, extra pocket inside for incidentals.  There is a strap that keeps phone pressed against the inside of the clear plastic.  Touchscreen work just fine.  If you have Siri (or equivalent) you can execute quite a few commands by telling her what to do.
A photo posted by Mark Lofquist (@malofquist) on

A photo posted by Mark Lofquist (@malofquist) on

The Goods:

Easy to use adjustment strap. Extra Pocket.  Velcro to hold extra headphone cable.  Unzips/zips easily.  Touchscreen work through plastic.

The bads: Still searching for a downside.  Will take getting used to if you're new to an arm band, like you have to think through how to shed/add layers.  My only issue, and this seems silly- the zipper tabs are metal and there's two of them.  They *clink* together and I think there's something moving in the woods :).  Maybe it's just that I need to relax a little.

If you have to carry a phone, use this product.