Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Barefoot Ted is going on a persistence hunt

From BF Ted:


I'm going on a persistence hunt in Wyoming this weekend.  Barefoot Ted is assembling a team of special ops Luna Sandals space monkeys. We're hunting pronghorn antelope.
I'm quite sure that I'll be the worst runner by far.  But it's not about that.  Persistence hunting is a team sport, and it's about your team keeping that animal above it's trot-gallop transition speed as much as possible.  Mammals, except humans, don't sweat -- they pant, and when you keep them in a gallop, they can't pant.  So they overheat and die.  I'll carry water as far as my legs will take me.  And of course, hunger will be a powerful motivator.>>

Many of you have probably seen this, but here's the awesome (and successful) persistence hunt footage in the Kalahari:

To hear what will surely be an epic story, whether he succeeds or fails, sign up for the New York City Barefoot Run on September 24-25th.