Thursday, October 3, 2013

Quick snapshot of diet with rationale

I occasionally do a daily food log as a sanity check to see where my macronutirents (protein, carbs, fats) are.

The pie chart is my ratios for what I've been consuming lately.

Typical day:

  • Morning: MCT Oil in coffee (1-2Tsp)
  • Late morning: 3 Soft boiled eggs (preserve the yolks!), 3 strips bacon
  • Before noon: lunch leftover bison, potatoes, carrots in its broth
  • Evening 2 handfuls of nuts
  • Dinner: Ground Lamb, sweet potato, brussel sprouts scoops of coconut oil
It's very simple diet, so easy to maintain.  

Carbs: You'll laugh but the carbs are almost exclusively through beer. Other carbs include a few cups of sweet 'taters, brussel sprouts, broccoli, spinach

Protein: is a necessary evil that comes with my search for fats. 

Fats: I seek meats, lamb and bison preferred. Secondary sources are steak/chicken. handfuls of nuts, and scoops of MCT oil, coconut oil (in coffee, on veggies), and guac. eggs every morning, sometimes bacon.  Lamb and bison are 'always' grass- fed. Corn fed steak is 'ok'. Grass fed steak is either expensive as balls or hard to find... as balls. Chicken has little to offer, it is a filler food that is benign. I seek seafood once a week. Fatty fish of course (=cold water) like salmon. Problem is most salmon is raised in shitty water and fed soy.