Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good Holiday Shopping Idea (price is right)

I thought this was pretty cool - Plasticized socks, Prevent cold feet but stay in touch with the floors in winter.  I have seen various blog posts of people buying plasticsizing material and dipping handle of hand tools and their socks in it.  It's a mess and has so-so results.  These are done through a real process and for $16, seems worth it.  

Made by Soft Star, they hand make some cool minimalistic shoes (like the Moc3)

Link here

NEW - Sockiplasts!<br/> No-slip Socks

<<Original Swedish "Sockiplast"
Sockiplast makes a great pool, shower sock or boat sock.  It is also great for yoga, gymnastics and other fitness activities where you might appreciate a no-slip sock.  

Made by Nowali, the original "slipper/sock" folks!>>