Monday, September 5, 2011

Why Do I Do It (...because I can)

What a weekend, and why do I do it?  As a 41 year old that's been on-again/off-again into fitness, I find myself in an upswing in concern for my performance.  From 2009-end of 2010 I checked off so many goals I had set up for myself, first 1/2 and full marathon, first 50km, 50miler, etc.  But since I don't have years and years of mileage and good running form under my belt, I always seem to suffer some pulled muscle or inability to tolerate some trail missteps.  This brought me back to strength training.  My honey-bunny encouraged me to try out her crossfit gym and I am glad she did.  Today was an indicator of how far I have come.  9mos ago when I finished my foundations class I ended it with a 7round 1/2 Cindi, today I did 10rounds+22.  This is a way to quantify the differences in my strength and performance in other areas.  November 20th is my 'true test' of this added fitness.  The JFK50 second try!!  Last year it took me 10+1/2 hours to complete that race.  I went out so strong and hurt myself by mile 15'ish.  I was even sitting on the ground contemplating DNF'ing.  This year I know I will have the strength, my cardio capacity is huge, my running form has improved.  Of course a long race such as this will have plenty of curve balls, but all I can say is 'bring it'!