Friday, April 6, 2012

Fitting it all in

Long rests, periods of extreme-laziness, bursts of incredible intensity, long-drawn out endurance events. This is the easiest way to explain the training schedule I adhere to. Also known as a typical day for paleo-man. Lots of chilling to repair the muscles you've torn in your workouts. Even my time sitting in my office behind a computer is an important down time in my training.
Do what I do to add some endurance training to your schedule-run to work!! The weather is warming up out here on the east coast, people are coming out en masse to soak up the springtime sunshine. Being outside is good, it's grounding. Adds a component of nature to your training. If you're wondering how to fit it all in to your schedule - try using your body to commute to work! I can recommend an infinite number of scenarios on how to get to work using a bike or your feet. If you feel you work too far away, then drive 1/2way, run the rest. Take public transportation until you're 2 miles away from your work, run there and run back in the evening. Those two-a-day runs add up to great way to tax your oxidative metabolic pathway. Slow'ish runs do have their place in flushing out inflammation, reducing scar tissue, and building an aerobic base. Plan a route, figure out a way to run to the mall, to work, to the post office. Say in your head 2 purposes for every trip- "my errands plus fitness", "commuting plus fitness" ...!