Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Article That Has it Wrong

Toe Stress Fractures and Barefoot RunningToes being responsible for forward momentum??  This article has an interesting and flawed version of what barefoot running form is all about.  The say: "The pad of your foot near the toes is much better at absorbing impact, but the toes are responsible for producing a lot of forward momentum."  This doesn't make sense.  When barefoot, toes splay out for balance and a tiny amount of shock absorption. When it's time for your foot to leave the ground - PUSHING - is NOT what you should be doing.  See Mantra section, it's lift-lift-lift-lift-lift.  Drive heel towards butt and drive knee fwd with an intensity proportional to your fwd lean.  Easy peasey.  "toes need to launch you" ??  <face palm>

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