Saturday, September 17, 2011

Total Body Workout Using the Kettlebell.

Total body workout using the kettlebell.

As someone who does nothing but isolation exercises can atest, the muscles we target can grow and gain strength.  That's good right?  If you want big biceps, use a preacher seat and an EZ curl bar.  Want big chest, use cable butterlfy chest machine. Since there's 650-850 muscles in the human body it would just take 2-300 machines to hit the major ones.  Phew, that was easy... or... use an offset handled heavy mass that requires the employment of hundreds of muscles at once to control. Kettlebell training teaches you a special method called the leg and hip dive. In this method, one uses his or her lower body in order to create force which then transfers all throughout the core of the body and into the upper body.

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The Russian kettlebell swing could be called the deadlift, hip-pop, shoulder raise, core controlling super exercise. It's not just the movement of mass (force x distance) it is also a balance and control task.
  Here's some of my fave for you for full body, lower body, core, etc...