Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Amazing feet-feat! UltraRunner runs from Argentina to Alaska

Barefoot Eco RunnerHenry Sanchez the "Barefoot Eco-Runner" started in Patagonia, Argentina June 15th, 2008 and just crossed the US border.  He hopes to reach Alaska Fall of 2012.  He runs to raise awarenes of the devastation he's seen from global warming.  Story here.    If you had the time/resources, what causes would you raise money/awareness through running? 

No shoes... no problem? (not yet)

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Mark Sisson was asked:  
<<The Vibram 5 Fingers look great for exercise but not very practical for daily use and I’m wondering if there are any decent shoes available.
The Vivo shoes are the most interesting I’ve been able to spot so far (but haven’t tried them yet).
Many thanks, Scott>>   His answer here

Head for the white lines!

When running, especially barefoot, surface color, texture and thermal properties of the surfaces are crucial to consider. For example, a newly painted white line on asphalt will absorb about 80% less heat.

An outside temperature of 70F, a white line will get to about 85F and the blacktop to 170F from solar radiation. (Obviously the white line will absorb heat from the road as well.) On a 100 degree day this would be approximately 115F and 200F respectively. Head for the white lines like a hollywood movie producer!
More here

Haha, Great Barefoot Dialogue - have you had this very conversation?

I love these text to videos.  This one is narrated by 'barefoot steve' - he has broken free from the matrix.  His discussion with a coworker is good.  I think we've had these discussions before.