Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Of My Fave Podcasts...

Oxford Style debating in the US.  Episode here

There is seldom a topic that pertains to this blog.  But this month's episode is "Is Obesity the Government's Business".  Like any debate they take the audience's opinion before and after and the debate winner is who swayed the audience the most.  

The arguments immediately talk about the limiting of calories, the Eat Less Move More (ELMM), the whole grains...  They are PROVING the fact that they don't KNOW what causes obesity.  
Obesity is NOT sloth(laziness) and gluttony(too many calories).  Eating less and moving more are TWO recipes of making you more hungry and more often.  This is a horrendous misconception.  Obesity is caused by hormone imbalances plain and simple.  Same diet between two people can have different effects.  Same diet and same activity level can have different effects in different people.  There are genetics, and MORE importantly epigenetics at play.  It's sad no one seems to know this.  
The question should not be 'should the gov't intervene in our diets' - it should be the 'should a gov't that actually understands why we get fat intervene in our diets'.  

What do you think?