Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Balance newSKY

 This seems to be an incremental step for Noob-Alance.  This shoe is STILL sporting a 4mm heel raise - this will be corrected in the NB line of zero-drop shoes coming in 2012.  But it's nice to see the recycled materials in the construction of this shoe.  What do you think?  Love?  Hate? Meh?

Being environmentally conscious doesn’t necessarily mean ending up with a product like the Smart Car that is—be honest—heinous looking. New Balance went back to the drawing board with their new line of newSKY shoes and ended up with a shoe made up of fabric constructed of 95% recycled PET plastic bottles. The recycled bottles are spun into fabric that eventually ends up as the upper of the shoe and the laces. In order to stick with a solid profile and a shoe that’s comfy, they took out all the extraneous stuff and what’s left is one of the most minimalistic, beautiful pairs of kicks we’ve seen in a while. Available with a gray upper and red, white or black accents, this is one case where less really is more.  Source