Friday, November 18, 2011

You're Doing It Wrong

Mr McDougall, instead of "there's only one way to run"

How about "there's only one way to find out how YOU run"

To the aggressive opponents of barefoot or barefoot-style running (can't imagine why/how you'd take that position) - picking apart the semantics is not a way to refute a good theory.  The point people like Christopher are trying to make is that the only way to find YOUR way is by including the intrinsic parts of your body, without treating bio-mechanical symptoms through over the counter footwear. 

From NY Times <Link here>
Christopher McDougall is an ardent proponent of barefoot running, but as the number of tendo-achilles and calf injuries related to running barefoot rises, it is clear to those of us who treat ailing runners that this is not the ideal form for everyone. Just as there are alternate styles of swimming or hitting a baseball, biomechanics shows us that runners should develop their own style to maximize performance.
Rockville Centre, N.Y.

There are new injuries.  People need education along with minimal footwear.  That's what places like this blog are for.  How can we better reach out to people doing TMTS (too much too soon) on muscles that have atrophied after a lifetime of over-support and cushioning??   Open to suggestions....