Thursday, August 16, 2012

Polar RC3

This watch looks pretty awesome.  I've had such good luck with Garmin products that I feel some brand loyalty, but the price is right on this Polar device!   
Today Polar announced their new RC3 integrated GPS watch – the first fully integrated GPS watch coming from Polar.  This unit primarily targets runners with a bit of cycling, though it can also be used in some multi-sport scenarios.
And for clarification, here’s a quick refresher on similar sounding watches from Polar:
Polar RC3 = This watch, simplified running watch with integrated GPS Polar RCX3 = Simplified running watch (not GPS integrated, but supports G5 GPS pod) Polar RCX5 = Triathlon focused/advanced watch (not GPS integrated, but supports G5 GPS pod)


"First Look" style review here