Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Running Camp

A 'camp' to get better at running?  It worked for me when I was young, sent to soccer camps every summer.  I came back to the real-world with new-found interest and enthusiasm about my sport.  I am SURE a running camp would do the same thing for me in my adulthood.  I am sad these two dates conflict with races I have planned.  But this camp is in my future.

When the book "The Cool Impossible" came out by my former running coach, Eric Orton, I was very excited to read it.  Eric and I worked together in what I love to call my couch-to-50-miler goals back in 2010.  

Apart from 100s of important training tips, The Cool Impossible describes what it would be like to attend a running camp in Jackson Hole, WY.  I just saw a wonderful post from here, advertising a training camp at "Eric's Place".

I think this is the ideal running-vacation and I can only imagine the tips/tricks and feedback you'd receive on your running.

The following is Pasted from :

Jackson Hole Run Camp With Eric Orton
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) is pleased to team up with world-renowned running coach Eric Orton and the Teton Resorts to host the first Eric Orton Jackson Hole Run Camp.  This multiday running camp based out of Teton Village combines mountain amenities, world class terrain, and a personalized approach to trail running and training to create an unforgettable experience.
This mountain running academy, set in the majestic Teton Mountain Range, provides every participant the opportunity to train, learn, explore, and discover what is possible with personalized coaching by Eric Orton, the Born To Run coach, and author of The Cool Impossible.  Eric’s creative and unique coaching format will challenge every camper, allowing them to achieve at their own level of ability, within a fun, inclusive group and team environment.  Lodging and spa options, as well as group meals which are provided by the Teton Mountain Lodge and Hotel Terra, round out the three-day camp to create a rejuvenating experience.
“I am looking forward to offering this one of a kind experience in the Tetons this summer,” Orton states, and goes on to note “mountains were made to be explored, and the goal of this camp is to become an explorer of your running, of your goals, of what is possible. This is the natural gift from the mountain and the ultimate reward from this camp.”
Eric Orton Jackson Hole Run Camp Details: 
Dates: August 13 -18, September 10-14, 2014
Cost: $899, to book, click here 
Lodging: Book with Hotel Terra or Teton Mountain Lodge, and save 25% off published rates
Who it’s for: This camp’s itinerary is designed for experienced runners of all levels who are able to comfortably run 2-3 hours, minimum, upon arrival.  Camp participants will be limited, so book now