Saturday, October 29, 2011

10 Worst/Best Holiday Habits

(did i miss any??)

Below is a list of the 10 Best & Worst Holiday Habits.

The Best Holiday Habits:1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
2. Be with those you want to be with
3. Stick with a holiday budget
4. Balance work and pleasure
5. Get enough sleep
6. Stay at home and have fun
7. Do things you’re passionate about
8. Shop locally
9. Buy & receive only healthy gifts
10. Share healthy food

The Worst Holiday Habits:1. Spending money you don’t have
2. Visiting people you don’t like
3. Going to parties you’d rather avoid
4. Eating things you don’t want
5. Drinking too much alcohol
6. Last minute shopping
7. Holiday travel (especially at peak periods)
8. Going on a diet January 1st
9. Gaining weight
10. Buying unhealthy gifts

Feel free to post these 10 Best & Worst Holiday Habits in your office, on your refrigerator or other places, and send to all friends and family.