Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Minimalist Shoes Making it Through 100-Mile Races

Ultra Marathon Shoes- RunAmoc DashShoe selection!  This is on my mind a lot lately... with my upcoming 50-miler.  Like most runners, I have a closet lined with running shoes.  I joke that I have ONE cheap pair of dress shoes and the rest are for running/crossfit.  ((Showing you where my priorities are)).  A few custom/hand made shoe companies are popping up lately and I think it's a good thing!  The moccasins pictured to the right are the second such pair that carried a runner through 100-mile ultra.  My 50-miler is pretty technical at the beginning- i'd thought maybe two-different pairs of shoes, but maybe i should commit. Story here. Shoes here.

How Heat Affects Running Performance

New York City Marathon Top Times TemperatureHow Heat Affects Running Performance
There is little doubt that exercise performance is impaired in hot environments. While the effect of heat on performance varies with the sport (for example, less effect on cycling than running), there is a great deal of empirical data showing a link between ambient temperature and performance. Various authors have suggested performance impairments of between 1.6 and 3% in marathon times for every 10 degrees above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Below is an interesting table from a paper by Scot Montain and colleagues at the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine illustrates the relationship between elite marathoner finishing times and course temperature in the New York City Marathon. The Rest is here

Robb Wolf's Paleo-Solutions Podcast

This week's episode is #92, Robb has guests Mat LaLonde and Mark Sisson.  It was recorded off to the side of the Ancestral Health Conference.  Topics such as diary, de-evolution, sustainability of grass fed meat products (point: in the mid 1800s there were more Bison than there are diary/beef cows today, Bison clip grass to eat, cows pull grass).  I am a big fan of this podcast, Robb recently has added more and more exercise tips, not just diet advice.

His site is here