Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Take your time adding more weight to your lifts

Take your time.  

When trying to get stronger.  Say your form is GOOD, rock solid.  

Once form is locked in, getting stronger means the entire chains strengthens. The gains you’ll see given appropriate time to recover:

Muscles take ~90days
Connective tissue takes >200 days
Bone density increases in ~2years

Keep increasing the weights you’re lifting too soon and outpace the connective tissue and bone density and you’ll fail.  

Lift a weight that’s HEAVY for you until lifting it is inconsequential.  Spend months on the same weight perfecting it.  When it no longer causes any adaptations increase that weight, and you’ll be surprised how far you’ve come searching for that next weight that’s heavy for you.  Repeat the cycle.  

What’s your hurry?  

Ask Coach Sommer, Robb Wolf did: