About Paleo Runners

Who I am: Some background about me: click here.

If you're someone who wants fitness and fun woven into their lifestyle, you have come to the right place.  I am not an elite athlete, I am not a medical professional,... actually a list of who 'I am not' would be very long.  I am a father, husband, engineer, athlete, coach.  

If you are just clicking through, I hope you find some info in here helpful.  Please leave a comment to stimulate conversation on the articles/opinions posted, we love a good dialogue.  I made this website as a repository of ideas, knowledge, techniques, tips, etc. 

For those that I coach I will refer applicable articles or videos.  The best way to search this site is with using a search engine typing 'paleorunners' in front of a termyou are interested in.  Such as, paleorunners recipes or paleorunners kettlebell.