Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zero-Drop and Foot-Like Soles. Seems to be the motto of Altra

From a press release Here:  I think these guys get-it.  I'll soon be getting a pair of their more moccasin-like shoes to train in (the Adams).  The thinner soles will offer a bit more ground feel than the Merrill Trail Gloves I have been training in.  There is a video in the "Friends of Paleo-Runners" tab.  Seems like a nice small business success-story.  Will they maintain their pace of giving us what we want?  Hope so!

How to Prepare for Barefooting (stretching and strengthening from Mark Sisson)

barefoot2...before you tell your friends to burn their shoes, consider something: the shod foot has been living in a cast most of its life. -- When the modern foot is called into action, like at the gym, on a walk, or when going about daily business, they are usually wearing shoes that restrict muscle engagement and turn the feet into passive pieces of leather and rubber that slap along the ground. The feet are merely along for the ride; they do nothing, while the hips and ankles must shoulder the load. Ever seen an arm that’s just had a cast removed? It’s a skinny, withered shell of its former self. The muscles have atrophied, so it’s weaker. The connective tissue can’t quite handle the demands of regular use, so strains are a real possibility. It’ll even smell bad until you wash it (just like some feet), because it’s been cramped up for so long.  Article here  

Great Race Report from a First Time Ultra Marathoner

Funny story, "unicorn tears" and "angel entrails" included. Ultra runners know what he's talking about. Link here

Barefoot Running Clubs Entering Races Together

Alan Soucy's physical therapist told him several years ago he could never run again unless it was across the street. But last night Soucy finished the Yankee Homecoming 5K Road Race with none of the recurring back pain that almost forced his retirement from the sport he's loved since high school. And he swears  that running barefoot has everything to do with his renewed love of running.  Story here.  

*When I ran the 2011 Boilermaker 15km with no shoes, I was met with curious attention and also pity.  Some people were actually afraid they'd step on my bare feet.  Is that a legitimate danger?