Sunday, April 7, 2013

First Real Run in B2R Trail Shoes

Using the new B2R Trail Shoes:
 photo 983D4EF4-AF3B-4B5A-B3DF-B46D330B0803-9413-000005F3D938B539_zps3aa34565.jpg
I see these peaks out of my kitchen window:  (peak on the left index finger, smaller summit with a house on it, then the top of the Incline Trail.)
 photo FA408E19-5A6A-4C48-9FBC-04380B10D7FD-9454-000005F4ADE2693E_zps77dfab5d.jpg

So I make it up to that First Peak: (looking down at my house)

Then I run to that house on the shorter peak.  Most of the time I feel like i'm following a trail, but I keep losing it.  I eventually end up on a driveway, I zig zag that dirt road for a while, finally just bound / bushwhack down a loose gravel/dirt hill, run on a paved road until I find another dirt trail!  Then I head to a geometrical shape I see on a neighboring peak.  Looks like a pill box or something.  Along the way I find a lantern, seems old.  The 'pill box' turns out to be a torn down house's foundation.  And after visiting it, I see it's the 'end' of the red mountain trail.

The shoes did GREAT.  I have not taken them through water crossings yet.  but the way the dust sifts through, you can tell they will drain quickly (and therefore dry quickly).

 photo 8A676C11-5317-4587-9E42-166392DB150E-9454-000005F486931951_zps6eaaaca5.jpg

I did have to stop a couple times to pull out cactus needles from my foot.