Friday, August 5, 2011

Beer for Runners?? ((eww, lordy, i hope that's the case!))

Improve Your Run Time
This is one of my many vices. I know there's a 20min window after a work out of the day (W.O.D.) where I get the opportunity to fuel my deleted muscles. But after evening workouts, esp in the summer, a beer seems right. Maybe I'm on to something as explained here: LINK  

  • Beer drinkers experienced a greater support for the immune system.
  • Beer drinkers experienced fewer colds.
  • Beer drinkers who experienced colds had shorter, more mild infections than the abstainers.

How are the Ramari Able To Run So Far?

In Cabello Blanco's words - they are closer to their genetic roots than we are.  This makes them ahead of where some of us want to be!

New-New Balance Trail Shoes. (If your MT100s are wearing out, here's the replacement).

New Balance MT110

The latest New Balance Minimal trail shoe, the MT 101.  I have had my MT100s for more than a year and they're holding up great.  I wore them in my first 50miler (the 2010 JFK50).  The 100s are light, allow water to flow through them, and have a good combination of ground-feel versus rock protection (normally these attributes are inversely proportional), but the tread is not 'grippy' for muddy or wet rocks. - all trade offs.  More info here.  What's your trail shoe?

GPS Watches? Who uses them?

Which watch is for you?    Already have one? Any horror or reliability stories?  (add your comments below)