Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Are You Ready to Go Minimal?

Jay Dicharry the author of:

Weighs in on criteria conditions needed to try out minimal shoes using mobility test (with nice fixes to improve), muscle isolation, leg-stance balance, posture alignment.  It's a great 7mins, if you dig his stuff, buy the book for more.

Note... Even after practice, I can NOT stand on one foot with my eyes closed, I tip over as if pushed!  Let me know if you can do it!


  1. Do you tip over on the big toe side, or the little toe side? I tip toward the big toe, engagement of which is a major issue for me. (And another one of Jay's criteria...)

    Yes, I can balance much better after a lot of practice. I make a ritual out of putting shoes and socks on while standing on one foot or the other.

  2. you got me testing! but i'd say i tip to the inside (big toe)! but mostly i get dizzy. I can stand on one foot for 3-4minutes but even a long blink causes me to tip. am i a candidate for ski poles??