The Paleo diet seems to be really popular right now because not only is it said to improve your overall health, but it is also said to be good for weight loss as well.
The Paleolithic diet (to give it it’s full name) is sometimes referred to as the caveman diet because the typical meals are similar to those enjoyed by cavemen during the paleolithic age. In essence it consists largely of plants and animals.
Nowadays followers of the Paleo diet incorporate some modern foods into this diet to include varieties of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, roots and nuts. However things like grains, dairy products and legumes are out, as are foods containing salt or sugar and vegetable oils.
If you want to start going on the Paleo diet yourself in order to see if it will improve your general health or help you lose weight, you will probably want to buy some recipe books and cookbooks so that you have an idea of what kind of meals (and snacks) you should be eating.
With regards to the best Paleo diet cookbooks and recipe books, there are two in particular that I can strongly recommend.
The first is The Paleo Recipe Book, which is actually an ebook that you can buy online and download instantly after you have completed the payment process.
This book is far more comprehensive than those recipe books that you can buy in bookstores, for example, because it is nearly 400 pages long and contains a total of 370 Paleo diet recipes, each with full color photos and detailed instructions.
These recipes have been divided into 18 different categories including breakfast, main courses, sides, dips, snacks and desserts. So you will never be short of recipes.
You also get a whole host of bonuses as well that you don’t get with the hardback and paperback recipe books. These include the Quick & Simple Paleo Meals Cookbook, an 8 Week Meal Plan, a Herb & Spice Guide and a Paleo Desserts Cookbook.

The second Paleo diet cookbook I recommend is actually a collection of 2 Paleo Cookbooksby Nikki Young. These are also available to buy online, and you can download them instantly because they are both pdf ebooks.
They are available to buy as one package and they are entitled ‘Recipes For The 21st Century Hunter Gatherer’ and ‘Paleo Eating For Modern People’.
Each book contains well over 150 recipes and these are all divided into separate categories, namely snacks, meat, chicken, fish and seafood, soups, salads, omelettes and desserts.
Like the first cookbook I mentioned earlier, this collection of books also comes with several free bonuses. There is a 30 day meal plan, a cookbook that only includes recipes that require 4 simple ingredients and free access to the first editions of both of the cookbooks.

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