Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bill O'Reilly Attacks Wheat Industry... (yay!)

Bill O’Reilly’s recent vociferous attacks on wheat have earned him a bit of a backlash from Kansas wheat farmers. Here is a report from a Kansas TV station:

Make no bones about it: Elimination of wheat is the single most powerful strategy for health available to Americans, more powerful than any supplement, drug, or procedure to restore health, eliminate abnormal triggering of appetite and other abnormal mind and emotional effects, lose weight, and obtain relief from a long list of abnormal health conditions. It’s great that media personalities like Mr. O’Reilly is catching on. More are surely to come!

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  1. Just pisses me off that they get a doctor to discredit his weight loss to simple calorie restriction, then make a false claim that only 1% have a gluten intolerance...people will buy it though. I love the obese farmer who tries to defend wheat. I understand it's his livelihood, but, really?