Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kids Training for Real Life

I was going to title this "paleo-kids" but you see, that's redundant.

This past weekend, my honey bunny and I had a wonderful baby shower thrown for us.  Such a nice turn out - very supportive and loving.  Many age groups were invited and it was impossible not to notice how well the kids got along.  Some of these kids were new friends!  I tried to capture these kids playing together in some pics, but they were moving too fast.  Running.  Constantly.  Why do kids think this fast movement and "doing laps" around our tables is "fun"?  

Think of other animals that play in a very active way.  It is obvious that the playing they all do is a preparation for the skills they'll need as the mature.  The wrestling kittens, the easily command-able puppy getting ready for prowling or pack-lifestyle.  Does it therefore stand to reason that a child's desire to do 117 laps around the tables of our wedding shower to stave off boredom may be their instinctual way of preparing for a life that thy are supposed to be destined for?  

It is well established that our ancestors, prior to cultivating crops and domesticating animals, were endurance athletes.  Our tools were our bodies and our ability to persistence hunt was necessary for survival for millions of years.  What makes you think we've lost that and why would we want to?  Our sweat glands, our hair, our tendons and alignments of muscles are much closer to a kangaroo that an office chair.  If we were "smart" about it, we'd make our kids practice what they'll need in today's world.  Sit quietly in a tetris-piece shape and type.  

...Or maybe it's the other way around, we need to mimick our kids' behaviors and get back in touch with why we're made the way we're made...

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