Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Regulating Sugar

Regulating Sugar (Listen to show Here)
Sugar, under the gun. It’s making us fat. Making us sick. Is it time to regulate sugar? Mark Bittman joins us.
Sugar cubes. (Howzey/Flickr)
Sugar cubes. (Howzey/Flickr)
Americans love sugar.  And the big food processors love to feed it to us, by the ton.  Put the two together, and you’ve got one big fat, sick problem.  Sugar is a major contributor to the tsunami of American obesity.
Sugar – the way we eat it – is a major health threat.  Now there’s a call to put on the brakes.  To regulate sugar.  Like we regulate alcohol.  Like we regulate tobacco.  For the sake of our health and our health care budget.  Much higher taxes on sweets.  Limited sales.  Limited access.
This hour, On Point:  We love it, but it makes us fat.  It makes us sick.  Is it time to regulate sugar?

What's you opinion??  Tax it?? Let people have information and fend for themselves?? 

Think about it, if you were making packaged foods and wanted to make it palaettable, would you buy sugar cane from Brazil, or use tax-payer subsidized corn syrup from USA?  Let tax payers help pay to make your product??  Sounds 'smart'!  (ugh!)

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