Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diet Advice - just a quickie


versus this

Diet Advice: Is your food choice good for you?  Just check the label... and if your food has a label, then no - it's not good for you.  ((Safer to stick to the outer walls of a grocery store.)) 


  1. ha! Excellent point... and nothing you can produce your self seems to have a label :-)

  2. hehe, exactly! In our f.b. group, I got the comment "but my apple has a label sticker". But that label PROVES it was grown someplace where the soil is a 2-3 nutrient sponge, and it probably has carnauba wax on it! even bottled water, which is better than soda or fruit juice still has bottling and diesel-transport hidden costs to it. My farmers market produce has no labels! My local beef supplier uses no labels.. :)