Monday, December 5, 2011

Match Your Shoe's Shoes 'Hinge Points' For Fitment

Wide toes  box, flexibility, ground feel... these are a few of our favorite shoe metrics of performance.  Something often left undescribed is shoe length.  Turns out black toenails are likely from you digging your nails down NOT into the head of the shoe!  A shoe length you choose should be MORE of fitting it to your hinges, not your foot length.  Sometimes you can put on a shoe and it just 'feels' better and it's hard to explain why.  That can be that you've matched the shoe's flexibility to the points of your foot's flexibility. 

See Video below for a better description:

Make sense?  I noticed the mention of 'more bunions to come due to minimalistic shoes' - I'm curious to see a running tally of that. 

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