Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Podcast Interview of an Athlete Healed By Barefoot Running

Listen Here FFWD to ~40mins to hear interview The Barefoot Runner Michael Sandler.  Had a bad accident while training for the Tour de France.  Then had a bad accident while training for a crosscountry rollerblade event.  He then found the only exercise he felt comfortable doing was running.  A series of running-related injuries caused him to reduce cushioning and support until he was barefoot.  

His first day running barefoot was 100yards - rest a few days, then 200yards, etc...  3 months later he is trucking through a 10km at a personal record pace. 

Michael then wrote a good book on barefoot running.


  1. I love this video! Just saw Christopher McDougall's "100-up" video and read the New York Times article...looks similiar in form. I am ignorant about "Paleo running"...but intrigued. Thanks...would love for you to guest post on my 9 Kid Fitness website! http// (my google account is under my son's name sketch monster - guess I need to ask him to get me an account!)

  2. yeah you need your own email, maybe 'Sketch Monster Sr'? :).

    I'd be happy to do a write up for your 9-Kid-Fitness Site. In as few words as possible: Paleo or Primal Fitness is getting in touch with how we're supposed to train, eat and play.

    --just like there's many possible solutions to a Rubek's Cube, only ONE of those solutions looks right! Similarly, living in a way our ancestors would is absolute solution for our bodies. Primal Running techniques, diets, sleep, etc... I suggest all to try it you'll see :)