Friday, October 14, 2011

A Great Barefoot Story

A Great Barefoot Story - How a flat footed upper 30s man converted to low cushioning.  Inspired by a barefoot/minimalist group in google groups.  ((like our ))

His experience was just like mine, my 1st half marathon was a disaster at age 38, i needed physical therapy after!

<<Still, I resolved to challenge myself more and sign up for a half-marathon. I accepted a friend’s invitation to join Globe’s first Run for Home race in 2009 and began to train in earnest.
It was a disaster. Although I finished in just slightly over 2:30, I was practically limping at the finish line. I woke up the following day with Plantar Fasciitis, shin splints, and a sore back, forcing me to take the day off.>>

the advice he got from a barefoot 'coach:

<<Ted listed three training goals for a successful transition to minimalist running:
1. Gentle and silent mid-foot landings
2. A quicker cadence through shorter strides and slightly bent knees for natural shock absorption
3. An upright posture with your core engaged, belly button pulled into the spine with no bending at the waist>>

Full Article here

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