Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Something to Think About During Your Next Run

Don't be a foot-lander, be a foot lifter.  During your stride, you will notice that your foot is coming back down to the Earth no matter what you do.  Let's call this a physical certainty due to gravity :). 

Avoid pain: If you're sticking to the barefoot or minimal foot padding as we suggest (or insist) you'll land correctly because you're avoiding pain.  So let it happen and put it out of your mind. 

Quick turnover: Whether you're running quickly or slowly, the cadence is quick.  In this post, we are suggesting us to think about lifting your foot - or popping it up.  Pop-pop-pop, can only lead to a quick cadence and shortened stride.  The questions you can ask yourself: 'how many foot lifts am I doing per minute?'  'how many milliseconds passed before I lifted my foot?' 

You burn no energy when your feet are off the ground, you can't lose traction on a slippery trail when your feet are off the ground, no impact injuries when your feet are off the ground.  Lift that foot straight up as if you're on hot coals and say 'pop-pop-pop-pop' to yourself.  Let us know how it feels!!

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