Friday, August 26, 2011

Reebok's Take On Minimalist Shoes

Reebok's version of minimalist footwear 'RealFlex', a running and training shoe that attempts to deliver on lightweight and flexibility. I have not tried these, they are catching on at my gym.  Looks like they still think we need a raised heel.  I predict this 'feature' will be gone soon. 
Their words: <<RealFlex is truly the best of both worlds – it’s natural movement. Perfected.
RealFlex features 76 independent “sensors” on the bottom of the shoe strategically positioned to adapt to all training surfaces. These “sensors” work together throughout an athlete’s stride, promoting natural movement and flexibility, while protecting them from the elements associated with barefoot running. The result is a shoe that delivers all the benefits of barefoot running with the protection of a traditional athletic shoe.>>  More here