Monday, August 1, 2011

Is this new 'Fad' in running shoes actually good for you?

Dr. Bruce Wilk thinks the 'zero-support' will encourage injuries. Another example of how people who "don't get it" don't get it. (The reporter at the end is really funny- she's "scared" of them!)


  1. Vibram must love all this attention...need to represent the Soft Star!!!!! Injury rates go up because our feet are weak from years of pampered support!

  2. ^^ yeah they get credit as being a very popular choice of foot wear! Companies like SoftStar should get more publicity - i mean they are the 'american small business success story' too. Also, Vibram is a victim of publicity, did you see Keith Olbermann blame his height/weight on hurting his foot using 'toe-shoes'?

  3. Injury rates go up cause people put on these shoes and run with heel-strikes. Moran? We're not used to listening to messages are feet are telling us: "uh, sir, your feet are hurting cause your running form is crap." Also, I love how the two plump/unhealthy looking people in the video are the ones wearing cushioned shoes! ha.